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1) Orders Place By Customers.
2) Order to be handled by Sales Department / Assigned Staff
3) Purchasing prepare PO and places order with Vendor with Specific Instructions(Supporting Factories / Suppliers – Done By Evaluation / Current Supporting Vendors)
4) Order and PO are submitted to Order Entry to be checked and entered into system (print-out of order generated to be filed for future reference)
5) Order and PO are filed by receiving and await receipt of goods(In-House QC / Third Party Inspection / By Customer)
6) Product arrives and order and PO are pulled(by Receiving) according to PO # on Vendor packing slip and Customer Order No.
7) Product is inspected by Receiving Inspector – HPSF Quality Control Plan for damage, correct part #, date code, country of origin, and Inspection to be carried out by an Independent Third Party. Etc
8) If product “Conformed” inspection acceptance criteria / regulatory requirement “Customer” will be notified and is due to ship, the order is filled-out and the product is sent to Shipping for packing/shipping once instructed by the “Customer”
9) If product is not due to ship, a copy of the order is made and placed with the product awaiting delivery. Copy of order is placed with appropriate Salesperson / Department In-charge
10) Once orders are due to ship they are carefully packed and shipped according to pre-arranged instructions to the Customer 






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