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About Us
Following the concept of “Fine Quality, Colorful Love”, integrating top technology with traditional fireworks processing techniques, Purple star Fireworks Company has become a leading specialists……
Display Show
    Fireworks Show
  • 2010 the 60th of China’s national celebration in Beijing
  • 2010 Display for the Opening and Close Ceremony of 6th National City Games in Wuhan
  • 2008 Display for the Opening Ceremony of 29th Olympic Games in Beijing
  • 2007 Display for the King of Thailand’s 80th birthday celebration
  • 2007 Display for the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of Hong Kong’s Returning to Motherland in Hong Kong
  • 2007 Display for the West Lake International Expo Hangzhou China
  • 2006 Display for the10th Ningbo International Fashion Festival
  • 2006 Display for the10th Hunan Games in Zhuzhou
  • 2004 Display for the Close Ceremony of 28th Olympic Games in Athens
    Safety Tips
  • After lighting finished 20-30 minutes later,pls use iron clamp to clean empty tubes and remnants
  • When lighting small fireworks,pls keep distance for 10m;when lighting big fireworks,pls keep distance for 100-200m.
  • After lighting,if there is no response,pls do not walk close to check.
  • When lighting fireworks,pls use joss stick,do not use the open fires to light.
  • Do not throw fireworks to crowd,cars,buildings
  • Juveniles can not light fireworks alone,should accompanied by adults
  • When lighting fireworks,should keep clear-headed,forbidden drink off.
  • When lighting fireworks on suburban area,pls keep far away from forest for 150m
Contact Us
Contact Us

Add: 2404 Room,Block 2,BOBO Tian'xia City Mansion, No.368 Furong South Road, Changsha,410009 China

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Website: www.purplestarfireworks.com

General Manager: Mr.Bright Zeng

Mobile: +86 13873139996

E-mail: bzeng@purplestarfireworks.com

Liuyang Office

Tel: +86 731 83621270

Fax: +86 731 83621270

Daisy Chou

Window person

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